X — Much Better — Words Matter

When I interact substantively with others, I tend to feel either detached, or very present (and generally connected). When detached, I’m immune from my feelings interfering with my brain and soul. When present, often, when things feel personal (, even when not directly personal,) — I often “over-react”. Besides — my face showing affect (if that), usually I appear stoic. (It is scary to expose myself in what often feels like unsafe space.)

Words matter — in a variety of situations, for most people. The simple words: “Black Lives Matter” — are most important, and very positive…



See: www.WorkingTowardsEndingRacism.blogspot.com & www.GeorgesWorldOnTheWater.blogspot.com & www.CaringWhiteMen.comm - I care - share/ Feel My Heart - born:1951

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