Understanding the Other Side?

It is simplistic to say that Donald Trump is “the problem”. If he was “the problem” his actions and words would not bring nearly a majority of the popular votes in the recent election. Trump’s margin of victory over Biden was huge in quite a few states: (43% — WY 39%- WV, 36%- SD, 35% — AL and KY, 33% — ND and OK.) Clearly, many people either support him significantly, or at least see him as being “less bad” than Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Is racism the problem? Certainly it is a huge part of the problem. Saying that it is “The Problem” is, however, simplistic. During much of…



See: www.WorkingTowardsEndingRacism.blogspot.com & www.GeorgesWorldOnTheWater.blogspot.com & www.CaringWhiteMen.comm - I care - share/ Feel My Heart - born:1951

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