Nakba Day and Abortion Rights (Day) — Meaningful Days in Succession

George Marx
4 min readMay 16, 2022

May 15, 2022

The words are so, so true! I am sad, I am angry! The silence of so many today is criminal!

The flags, the patriotism of the Palestinians is real and most important!

I am an outsider, as a white, Jewish man! It is most important that I am here — amongst the Palestinian-American People — who are much more directly impacted by the Crimes of our country — in supporting Apartheid — Murder — No Respect!

Young children — speaking the words of their people. Old People — many in-between. They are here because their lives and the lives of their people really matter, really matter!

Lesley Williams of Jewish Voice for Peace — Chicago (and National) — speaking passionately and getting a warm response. We are welcomed and respected!

Lesley — left us — a few minutes later. Her daughter has Covid — she just found out — while with us.

The Muslim leader — speaking caring, loving, important activist words!

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One Day Earlier

Also Vitally Important Message

Abortion — is Healthcare