Joe, It’s Your Responsibility Now

George Marx
2 min readMar 25, 2021

Joe, It’s Your Responsibility Now!

Joe, You weren’t my first choice, second choice or even third choice

I’m far from alone in this

Yes — Donald Trump

and the Republicans

Did all that they Could

To Make- your job Impossible

You won the election

You now owe a lot

To Representative Jim Clybourn

Without the Black Support

He Rallied — to your Cause

You’d not have been

The Democratic Party Nominee

The Border with Mexico

is a Disaster

It is Your Disaster

Because — you are The President

You Face a Number of Key Issues

Joe Manchin

is hardly a Democrat

Mitch McConnell

Is technically a “Human”

He will However

Do all he Can

To Stop All That You Propose

The Republicans

Couldn’t Replace Obamacare


They weren’t One Voice Together

So, the Donald –

Became the “unifier”

Crazy as that Was

You can’t — Yell and Scream

Like the Donald

and be

“Donald Jr. — Jr.”

You have to Unify

a Difficult, Difficult Process

You Need to Keep Essentially

Middle of the Road (sic) “Republicans”

(your allies — in Congress)

Together with AOC and her Allies

Who Actually Have

A Realistic — though Idealistic Vision

of Fairness — Equity — Mutual Support

Confronting Finally — Racism

It is Not Easy

It is, However

Your Responsibilty

You are The President

2022 — could be a Great Success

The Economy Could Propel You Ahead

It Also — could be a Disaster

You Need to Reach — the Hearts

The Emotions — of Americans

Republicans — will Not

Give You a Break

Wake Up~

It isn’t Easy

It is, However

Your Responsibility

Can You Succeed?

Time will tell~