It’s Scary! It’s Really Scary!

George Marx
6 min readJan 23, 2023

So, How can yesterday’s rally and march been both very positively meaningful and very scary and discouraging? On the positive side we were diverse (a few too few men though), empowered, strong, committed and very present. A variety of important issues were brought up relating to women and trans people and their rights, as well as needs. Older and younger people shared together and some of the signs and other messages were incredibly insightful and powerful.

The Woman — spoken of below

I went over to talk with the woman who carried a two-sided, detailed sign that moved me greatly. She shared a lot with me. Her baby daughter — clearly medically challenged — with a wire coming out of her nose. This woman (seemingly) did Not need to be there at all. It was, very important to her, though, to be visibly there, showing the clear message of what being “pro-life” is. She told me a little of how difficult her life is, and how happy she is to have her daughter, with all her medical issues. Both of them share a deep love!

It was scary to see so many young Latino, Filipino, and white people smiling and clearly saying to us:

“We won! Face the New Reality! Obviously, the (church structured) Catholics (part of them) were pushing their truths at us: The Knights of Columbus and others. The Old White Men — like me — were hardly there. We, who cause the problems, are (always) invisible when it matters, to hide the control that we push upon others!

We have a lot of work to do! In the short run, things look very discouraging!

We are also in community with others! I’m clearly an “outsider”. I’m very accepting that I will always be an outsider, glancing, but not deeply seeing within. It feels like other men don’t seem to push forward. We are here — protesting, amongst the others, mostly women and trans folks. We don’t have the same thing, hard to readily put my finger on, that the women do!

Think of when one of us men is facing something really critical in our lives. Maybe our sibling is facing a really difficult situation. Perhaps, their life partner has threatened them and is really abusive. Or, a parent or child is critically ill?

In such situations, we are quite naturally — totally immersed in the most challenging circumstances of our lives. Life is Very, Very…