My editor (me) believes that perhaps this writing is about “conundrums”, rather than “paradoxes”. He also believes that if this is critically important to you, you might want to stop now — and not continue reading.

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2020 U.S. Presidential Election

White People are 57.8% of the U.S…

Several days ago I wore my new — wonderful — Minnie Mouse — T-Shirt. My partner and I both love the shirt!

Now — Minnie — certainly does not appear as the image of being “tough” or quite have the “Marilyn Monroe” or Kardashian look — or various — “neutral”…

Anthea Butler paints a compelling picture of our current toxicity- through: White Evangelical Racism: The Politics of Morality in America. Examples of her words may be helpful.

In the summer of 2019 in Mississippi, a couple was turned down when trying to rent Boone’s Camp Event Hall for their wedding…

Feeling the Pain

Others — Sharing

Me — Caring


Decades of Depression




The Pain Now

is Within Others I Care Very Much About

Not knowing Closely


Feeling Snippets of What Hurts Them

Very Much!


Homelessness -

and Virtual Homelessness!

Losing One’s License — for…

Resma Menakem’s: My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies — is simply a classic — a Must Read!

One can, perhaps, disagree with his splitting of American people in one way — having a third category besides “white” and “Black” with “Blue” (police…

(Abortion Rights — Men) — Am I The Only One? I hope not! — Wed, September 1, 2021, 5:47 AM·3 min read

Washington — A controversial Texas law banning abortions after six weeks of pregnancy went into effect at midnight after the U.S. Supreme Court didn’t issue a ruling on…

I’m Crying

Lost in My Sadness

Tears wetting me Deeply

7:15–7:20 — this morning

I was heading out on the

Pratt Street Pier

The waves were Strong

Voices — range Out

I hoped against hope!

People were seeking Help

I felt helpless

I called the Coast Guard

7:12 — another…

White Men

are Spirits

Some seem static — perhaps stuck

Some flowing

with the windswept smoke


The Spirit of One White Man

may intersect

with Others

Whether attacking


Intersecting in Part

Overlapping Spirit(s) then


Tis easy

to sashay in place

a Spirit

at Peace

No Need


I’m a white, fairly liberal man. I am okay — with being who I am. I should do more for various reasons.

Before I can realistically do more, I need to deal with my own basic “survival”. I have various medical issues that I need to take care of. …

Joe Biden — Common Sense

1. The Pandemic is Moving Rapidly Forward

2. The Current “Opening Up” has been a Disaster

3. The Status Quo is Dangerous and Not Sustainable

You Have Two Clear Choices:

1. Pretend the Above isn’t True or

2. Take Action — Now

I Strong…

George Marx

See: & & www.CaringWhiteMen.comm - I care - share/ Feel My Heart - born:1951

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