Elizabeth Hinton’s — America on Fire: The Untold History of Police Violence and Black Rebellion Since the 1960’s is a fascinating, well-documented, detailed book that I highly recommend! Hinton tells the story of how, despite documentation of systemic racism and laying out how things needed to change was made in…

Hi Fellow White Men,

I am seeking to begin work with other white men on both a “big” and “basic” project seeking to organize what i hope will become a major effort to help build white men actively working to end the patriarchy.

1. On a “big” level — I’ve…

Several days ago I wore my new — wonderful — Minnie Mouse — T-Shirt. My partner and I both love the shirt!

Now — Minnie — certainly does not appear as the image of being “tough” or quite have the “Marilyn Monroe” or Kardashian look — or various — “neutral”…

Feeling the Pain

Others — Sharing

Me — Caring


Decades of Depression




The Pain Now

is Within Others I Care Very Much About

Not knowing Closely


Feeling Snippets of What Hurts Them

Very Much!


Homelessness -

and Virtual Homelessness!

Losing One’s License — for…

Resma Menakem’s: My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Our Hearts and Bodies — is simply a classic — a Must Read!

One can, perhaps, disagree with his splitting of American people in one way — having a third category besides “white” and “Black” with “Blue” (police…

I’m Crying

Lost in My Sadness

Tears wetting me Deeply

7:15–7:20 — this morning

I was heading out on the

Pratt Street Pier

The waves were Strong

Voices — range Out

I hoped against hope!

People were seeking Help

I felt helpless

I called the Coast Guard

7:12 — another…

George Marx

See: www.WorkingTowardsEndingRacism.blogspot.com & www.GeorgesWorldOnTheWater.blogspot.com & www.CaringWhiteMen.comm - I care - share/ Feel My Heart - born:1951

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